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6 Uses for Annealed Wire

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Annealed wire is a type of soft wire made from low carbon steel wire through the process of annealing.

The ductility of this type of wire is high while the tensile strength is lower that of galvanized wire.

Annealing is a heat treatment process that actually changes the physical and chemical properties of the wire. This is what causes durability and increased ductility while making the wire easier to work with too.

You will typically get three choices of annealed wire available on the market and there can be certain variations within in each category/choice.

The choices are as follows: black annealed wire, black oiled annealed wire and soft annealed wire.

What are the uses of annealed wire? Annealed wire is used in:

• Construction industry – mainly for iron setting in the civil construction field.
• Handicrafts
• Packaging of products – used as tie wire.
• Silk weaving
• Hay bailing in the agricultural field.
• Fencing products including barbed wire.

Annealed wire is manufactured into spools and coils in varying weights and dimensions. The weight and size you order will depend on the intended purpose of the wire.

Of course if you have specific requirements in terms of supply, simply let the stainless steel supplier know.

At Sadevinox we stock the following spools of annealed wire in various lengths and weights, for your consideration:
• 0.10mm to 0.35mm.
• 0.40mm to 0.80mm.
• 0.85mm to 1.50mm.
• 1.60mm to 6.00mm.

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At Sadevinox our range of stainless steel annealed wire is designed fit for purpose. Simply let us know about your specific application and our consultants will be able to assist you with selecting the right annealed wire spool and product for the job. For more information and advice on our range of top quality annealed wire, contact us at Sadevinox via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone today.