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What is Safety Lock Wire?

sadevinox rvb 98 safety wire 370 x 185

Safety lock wire or safety wire is undoubtedly used in an innumerable amount of applications and industries and is absolutely vital.

Nuts, bolts, screws and similar, can loosen and shift over time.

In fact, movement is often only noticed too late.

If you have ever worn a pair of glasses, you will know just this type of movement and shift when your glasses screws need tightening. When it comes to more important and critical equipment and applications such as flight controls, safety guards and various other systems used in the automotive, aerospace and aeronautical fields, there is no time to waste and there’s certainly no room for mistakes or overlooked loosened bolts, nuts and similar!

Safety wire a type of stainless steel wire that is specifically designed to offer support to fasteners such as nuts and bolts in high vibration environments as well as regular applications where added security is required.

How does safety lock wire work? The design and installation of safety lock wire is fairly simple. 304 annealed safety lock wire is threaded through fasteners in order to counteract the force of a fastener becoming loose.

Simply installing the wire correctly can save lives and provide safety, insurance and peace of mind which are much needed in the automotive, aerospace and aeronautical fields.

At Sadev Inox we are stainless steel wire suppliers that supply our safety lock wire in the 450 gram canisters in the following wire sizes:
• 0.51mm
• 0.63mm
• 0.81mm
• 1.04mm

We manufacture this specific wire product in the USA according to the standards and requirements of NASM20995.

This means that our safety lock wire meets with industry standards and is certified safe for use in defense, aeronautics and aerospace applications.

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