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How to Weld Stainless Steel Wire

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Stainless steel has high levels of chromium content which makes it both rust and corrosion resistant.

As such, stainless steel is not the easiest material to weld, but it can be the best welding wire for your application if you choose wisely and work with the product correctly.

If you want to weld stainless steel, you can use stick and wire feed welders.

Using a wire feed or MIG welder will require you to make use of gas.

Generally speaking, you would weld stainless steel in a similar way to welding other metal types, but there are a few things you can do to make this task easier.

These include:
• The stainless steel must be clean before welding. This is helpful because of the high chromium content. Use a wire brush on the surface which will eliminate grease, oil, dirt and similar.

• Use a low heat when welding stainless steel wire and metal. Using a high temperature will result in the material warping. If things start to get to hot, stop for a bit and let the wire cool down.

Only use stainless steel wire rods with a stick welder. You can use either an AC welder or direct current reverse polarity methods depending on the rod’s grade.

• When welding with stainless steel wire, it is important to ensure that all welded areas are treated with primer to prevent future rust or corrosion.

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