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How high quality stainless steel wire is made

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Stainless steel is an iron containing alloy and is used in many applications and sold by leading stainless steel wire suppliers globally.

Between 12% and 20% of high quality stainless steel is chromium which is responsible for the material’s resistance to rust and corrosion.

Stainless steel in its wire form is used within many industries.

There are many processes involved in the manufacturing of stainless steel and each process needs to be carried out meticulously in order to ensure the high quality of the end product.

The processes involved are as follows:

• Melting and casting – an electric furnace is used to heat the raw materials to melting point. This can take between 8 and 10 hours. The final melted product must then be cast into a semi-finished form. The semi-finished forms include rectangular form called blooms, round and square forms called billets as well as slabs and rods.

• Forming – next the semi-finished steel forms must be reheated and put through a series of forming processes. The steel is hot rolled through large rolls. The steel in the bloom and billet forms are processed into a high quality stainless steel wire or bar. High quality stainless steel wire is formed into standard sizes up to 1.27cm (0.5inch) in diameter.

• Heat treating – if it’s a high quality stainless steel required that’s easy to work with, annealing must be carried out. This is the process of heat treating and then cooling the steel product in a controlled condition. This makes the steel wire softer so that it can be worked with, but also ensures that strength and durability is not compromised.

• Descaling – annealing stainless steel wire will cause scale buildup to form. There are a variety of processes that can assist with descaling the stainless steel product. After descaling, the wire product must be cold rolled in order to prepare it for final processing which involves cutting the product to size / length and applying finishes if required.

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