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Free-Machining Stainless Steel Wire

Free-machining stainless steel wire provides an excellent machinability, in either of the following conditions :

  • Cold drawn
  • Annealed

This type of wire provides a good combination of corrosion resistance and improved machinability due to selective & controlled additions.

Thus, such so-called “ free-machining “ stainless steel wires are used in all machining operations using high productivity modern multi-tool CNC equipments for a large array of machined parts such as

  • Household appliances & equipments
  • Hardware parts
  • Electronics & connectors precision parts

According to standards : 

  • ASTM A581 
Stainless Steel Fine Wire

Fine stainless steel wire (often referred to as “wet drawn” stainless fine wire) is wire of diameters generally < 0.025” with bright finish due to drawing through diamond dies immersed in oil. Grades of stainless steel fine wire cover the whole range of stainless steels compositions.

Such stainless steel fine wire is used in a variety of important applications: weaving fine wire for stainless steel cloth and mesh, knitting stainless steel fine wire for filtration devices, braiding fine wire for stainless steel protected flexible hoses, stranding fine wire for stainless steel cables & wire ropes, fine wire medical stainless steel for devices such as stents & probes.

Stainless steel fine wire is mostly used in Weaving, Knitting and Braiding applications such as :

  • Woven wire for cloth and mesh :  filtration, architectural & decorative applications,…
  • Knitted wire for filtration
  • Agricultural fine wire for beehives frames
  • Braided wire for flexible hoses :domestic & industrial  hydraulic applications
  • Medical wire for dental applications
  • Stranded wire for various types of cables, rigging slings & cables in boats, etc..
  • Locking wire for safety applications in vehicles, motorcycles, aircrafts ,etc

According to standards : 

  • ISO 4782 - DIN 177
  • ASTM A478
Stainless Steel Wire for Cold Heading

Stainless steel wire for manufacturing cold-formed parts

  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Rivets
  • Nails
  • Pins
  • Balls
  • and other formed parts

According to standards :

  • ASTM A493
Stainless Steel Spring & Hardwire

Stainless steel spring wire is used for producing

  • Compression springs
  • Extension springs
  • Torsion springs

Used in many industries and numerous applications such as :

  • Household equipment, switches & relays, electrical systems...
  • Hardware: sprinklers components, switches, hose clamps,…
  • Automotive & Aerospace applications, complex mechanical/automated  systems, …
  • Specific applications such as spray cans, including aerosols
  • Medical applications : clamps, pacemakers, stents, etc..
  • Clock/watches components
  • Music wire : piano wire, guitar strings...

According to standards :

  • SAE - AMS 5688K
  • ASTM A313 / A564
  • ASTM A228 - Music Spring Quality
Stainless Steel Forming & EPQ Wire

Forming applications are the most widespread type of usage of stainless steel wire, covering multiple applications in several key industries, such as:

  • Household appliances ( baskets, drainers, grids, mixers, …)
  • Food processing industies ( trays, conveyors, shelving, hooks, filters, etc..)
  • Restaurants ( individual, collective, schools ) ; trays, trolleys, shelving, filters, drainers,..…
  • Construction : nails, staples, hooks, wall anchors, grid panels, decorative architectural…
  • Automotive/ bicycles : Chains, spokes, wipers, clamps, hangers,..…
  • Agriculture/Agroindustries : Trellising , safety fences, anchor wire, silo equipment, etc…
  • Medical : hospital furniture and instruments ( trays, storage shelving, sterilization equipment )
  • Pharmaceutical industries : trays, mixers, heat treatment equipment, bottling, ..
  • Note : always refer to the grade selection guide provided in the Technical Section of the Sadevinox Website
  • Also note that our good surface finish is rated EPQ ( Electro-polishing  Quality )

According to standards :

  • ASTM A555 / A580 / A582
  • En 10218-3
Stainless Steel Welding Wire

Stainless wire for welding stainless steels | Filler Metal

  • TIG welding- AWS : GTAW
  • MIG welding - AWS : GMAW

Sadevinox launches Austinox, its new brand, for its line of stainless steel welding wires as well several key Ni-based alloys such as Inconel 625, Alloy 82.

SADEVINOX selects for you the best chemical compositions to provide you a wire of the highest quality, with key certifications.

Check our specific welding wire downloads  for detailed specifications & applications, and safety MSDS info.

Sadevinox selects for you the best chemical compositions to provide you a wire of the highest quality.

Ask now for austinox as a pledge of quality !

Stainless Steel Farming Wire

A kind of stainless steel wire which takes care of your crops. Stainless trellising wire is perfect for fruit growing, vine growing and also for beehive frames.


Stainless steel wire in diameters 0.40mm to 0.50 mm, ideal for beehive frames. Essential to the beekeeper equipment!

In grade 304L: Stainless Steel Wire for food products as per EC 1935/2004


Take care of your vineyards!

This stainless steel wire is ideal for viticulture. It is a high-tensile wire: the brace wire is twisted to tighten the brace assembly. This trellising line wire is perfectly adapted and recommended for vine growing.

  • Elongation 3% maxi
  • Light to handle
  • Does not damage the shoots
  • High tensile strength: 1350-1500N/mm²
Stainless Steel Rods

Stainless steel rods for Swiss Precision / Escomatic-type machining, for use in various industries such as :

  • Aerospace, Automotive, Mechanical components, Agribusiness, ..…
  • Length 1 to 3 meters
  • Chamfered / Pointed
  • Tolerances : ISO  6 – 7 – 8 – 9
  • Straightened stainless steel rods, drawn to full hard tensile level
  • Surface finish : ground – polished
  • Made in Europe / DFARS fully compliant

According to standards :

  • ASTM A276, ASTM A479
Stainless Steel Safety Lockwire

Stainless steel safety lockwire used to secure bolts, nuts, pins, in critical parts or mechanical assemblies

Safety lock wire is used in a number of applications in

  • Automobiles / motor cycles  ( engines, brakes &  transmissions )
  • Widely in Aeronautics & Aerospace

to secure critical bolts in engines,throttle assemblies, safety components, etc.

This type of annealed wire is preferably offered in sizes 0.51 / 0.63 / 0.81 and 1.04 mm, in 450 g plastic canisters with a convenient clip for belt attachment.

Our lock wire in canister is manufactured in the USA, with full qualification NASM20995 / ASTM A580 for use in Defense / Aeronautics & Aerospace applications.

Specifications : LN9424 – NF L 23-320 – ISO245:1998 - LN 2076 - NAS

* See correspondence EN/AISI : data sheet for grades