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Stainless Steel Farming Wire

Stainless Steel Farming Wire

Stainless steel wire is used in a growing variety of Agricultural & Farming wire applications. Most noteworthy:
- Vineyard stainless steel wire for vine trellising and also anchoring of end stakes
- Orchard stainless steel brace wire
- Stainless steel wire for greenhouses, poultry yards fencing
- Fine stainless steel wire as substrate for wax honeycomb cakes in beehives (referred to as beekeeping stainless steel wire).

Stainless steel wire is used more and more in agricultural applications, due to its unique combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties: Most noteworthy:

  • Stainless steel for trellising in vineyards and orchards :
    - Line wire for vineyards , easy to handle and providing steady tension along rows
       High tensile 1350/1500 N/mm2 – Elongation 3 % sufficient for twisting
    - Brace wire in orchards
  • Also, stainless steel wire for anchoring stakes at the end of vine rows
  • Stainless steel wire in fences for greenhouses, poultry yards fencing, …
  • Also used in beekeeping : see herebelow


Stainless steel wire in diameters 0.40 mm to 0.50 mm is an ideal substrate for wax  honeycomb cakes in beehive frames. Essential to the beekeeper equipment!
Grade 304L: Stainless Steel Wire fully compliant for food products contact  as per EC 1935/2004

Grades* 304
EN 10088-3* V2A, 1.4301
Diameters : mm / inch  0.40 to 0.50 mm /  .015'' to .02''
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brace and line wire

This stainless steel wire is ideal for viticulture. It is a high-tensile wire: the brace wire is twisted to tighten the brace assembly. This trellising line wire is perfectly adapted and recommended for vine growing.


  • Elongation 3% maxi
  • Light to handle
  • Does not damage the shoots
  • High tensile strength: 1350-1500N/mm²
Grades* 304
EN 10088-3* V2A, 1.4301
Diameters : mm / inch  1.20 to 3.00 mm /  .047'' to .12''
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* See correspondence EN/AISI : data sheet for grades