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Uses for safety lock wire in the automotive and aeronautics industries

sadevinox rvb 98  safety wire bloc 370x185

Locking wire or safety lock wire is a type of stainless steel wire that is used quite extensively in the automotive and aerospace (aeronautical) industries.

What exactly is the main use or purpose of this type of stainless wire in these industries?

First and foremost, components of any system in the automotive and aerospace industries are subject to a high level of vibration and critical environment factors.

This means that bolts, nuts and other components are put under a great deal of stress and due to potential hazards, these components all need to be able to withstand such a stressful environment without failure, malfunction or damage.

Safety lock wire is a soft annealed wire. Its main use or purpose is to secure the nuts, bolts and other components that are exposed to vibration and other stressors.

304 annealed stainless steel safety lock wire provides the type of flexibility and stressed required to secure critical bolts in safety components and throttle assemblies.

If you are looking for safety lock wire that is suitable for use in automotive and aeronautical applications, ensure that the products are manufactured with full NASM 20995 certification. This certification deems certain stainless steel wire products suitable for use in aerospace, aeronautic and defense applications.

Quality safety lock wire for the automotive and aeronautics industry from Sadevinox

At Sadevinox we stock a range of safety lock wire with the following diameters:

• 0.51mm
• 0.63mm
• 0.81mm
• 1.04mm

All of these safety wire lock products are provided in 450g canisters with convenient clips for belt attachment. Our canisters range from 68m to 280m in length.

If you need assistance in selecting the right safety lock stainless steel wire for your application, simply chat to one of our sales consultants who will impart with a wealth of product related information and advice.

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