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Why EN 10204 3.1 certificates matter

sadevinox rvb 98 certificate 370x185 

When it comes to the manufacturing of stainless steel wire, product quality, durability and reliability has to be ensured.

Whether you are purchasing vine wire, annealed wire, welding wire, wire tope, smooth steel rods or otherwise, you need to know that the product is able to meet with industry imposed regulations and standards and that the correct chemical compositions are used.

This is why EN 10204 3.1 certificate matters.

This particular certification guarantees that the stainless steel product being purchased is compliant with the standards set in place. Any materials that do not meet with the EN 10204 requirements will not be able to achieve a 3.1 certification.

The 3.1 certificate is generally issued by an independent authority, not associated with the manufacturing concern in question. The certificate is further validated by an authorized inspector.

In situations where a stainless steel product does not perform or offers an inferior quality that results in disaster, the 3.1 certificate and any chemical testing analysis and mechanical properties can be used to answer the question of “what went wrong?”.

Sadevinox presents the market with EN10204 3.1 certified stainless steel wire products.

At Sadevinox we ensure that each of our stainless steel products is manufactured according to the strictest of industry standards.

All products are also delivered with their 3.1 EN 10204 certificate in place, for your reference and peace of mind. This certificate covers the chemical analysis of the product, an indication of the product’s mechanical properties and traceability.

We offer the following products, all of which are EN 10204 3.1 certified:
• Stainless steel vine wire.
• Safety lock wire.
• Stainless steel wire rope.
• Stainless steel annealed wire (soft wire).
• Stainless steel hard wire / Piano wire.
• Stainless steel welding wire.
• Smooth rods.

If you would like to learn more about our EN 10204 3.1 certified stainless steel products, contact us at Sadevinox today.